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Amy’s Story

“I felt love and a sense of hope right away.” I was living in another state with my 6-year-old son, when we had to get

Robert’s Story

“I Knew the Mission Had Something Special for Me” Robert had already hung the sheet in his prison cell, ready to wrap it around his

Wanda’s Story

“I feel like God brought me here.” It had been decades since Wanda celebrated Christmas with her family, mostly because she had pushed everyone away.

Amy’s Story

“The longer I was at the Mission, the better I felt about myself.” Amy grew up in an abusive home. Without the love all children

Cynthia’s Story

“My first week here, I knew this is where I needed to be.” For decades, mental illness wreaked havoc on Cynthia’s personal and professional life.

Yvonne’s Story

“You helped me move forward without judgment, and I’ll always be grateful.” I was very young when I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Frank’s Story

“Being around people who care made me realize my problems were temporary” It’s a moment Frank will never shake from his memory. The moment his

Our client Laura smiling wearing a pink and purple shirt.

Laura’s Story

I Wouldn’t Be Here Without You I’ll never forget the day I came to City Rescue Mission. I’d been living without a home, sleeping in

Our client Marie wearing a light blue sweater against a red brick backdrop.

Marie’s Story

A Chance To Heal Marie’s daughter had recently graduated high school when the unthinkable happened. The bright, energetic 19-year-old passed away unexpectedly — a victim

Leigh Ann stands in front of a red brick wall wearing a white shirt with a orange lanyard

Leigh Ann’s Story

The Gift of New Hope The evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton once wrote, “Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light

Parents with their 3 young children at city rescue mission

Brandon & Jennifer’s Story

The word “home” evokes feelings of safety, comfort, and welcome. Regardless of what life throws at you or the difficulties you are facing, home is a

Our client Tracy smiles at the camera wearing red-framed glasses and yellow lanyard

Tracy’s Story

Finding Stability and Purpose Engine trouble brought Tracy to City Rescue Mission. But in truth, she’d been running on fumes — in body and spirit

A man elderly man in a tan jacket

Everret’s Story

Finding Stability After a Life of Boom-and-Bust Everett is no stranger to the boom-and-bust cycle of oil field work. “I got married right out of

An elderly woman smiles while wearing a green jacket after discussing her story with city rescue mission

Debbie’s Story

“City Rescue Mission saved me. I’m so thankful!” “God, what am I going to do?” Debbie asked aloud. She had been struggling to survive on

A mother and her two young children pose for a picture outside of their apartment

A Mother’s Journey Tish had to overcome the unimaginable to protect her children and ensure a better future for her family. Watch her journey from brokenness and

Rodney smiles while telling his story about his experience with city rescue mission

Rodney’s Story

““When I got here, I had such a sense of relief.” After nearly a decade of struggling to survive on the streets, Rodney was able

A young mother with red hair holds a young infant and stands by her younger daughter

Rebecca’s Story

“My main goal is finding work and being the person I want to be.” When Rebecca got married, it felt like the start of a

Our client Terry wearing a red shirt, smiling and posed against a red brick wall

Terri’s Story

“It’s time for me to have a life.” Terri’s mom was severely bipolar, and as an only child Terri knew that the burdens and blessings

Couple, Scott and Deanna standing side by side smiling as they share their city rescue mission experience

Scott and Deanna

“We appreciate the blessings and opportunities you have given us.” Husband and wife Scott and Deanna know all too well the dangers of being homeless

A hand holds a burning candle at a candle light vigil

Rebecca’s Story

“I’ve built and strengthened myself” As a teenager, Rebecca had a bright future — she was a world softball champion and national champion cheerleader. But

Our client Tobyn smiles in a auditorium surrounded by empty chairs

Tobyn’s Story

“I’m happy, my kids are happy.” “I don’t want my daughters to ever feel that pain,” Tish says, recalling when her daughter’s father attacked Tish

Our client Ray poses at city rescue mission as we prepare for Thanksgiving at the mission

Thanksgiving at the Mission

“Thank you for giving me and others the opportunity to become who God intended us to be.” Raymond knows what it’s like to be homeless

A mother and her two young children pose for a picture outside of their apartment

Tish’s Story

“I’m happy, my kids are happy.” “I don’t want my daughters to ever feel that pain,” Tish says, recalling when her daughter’s father attacked Tish

A young girl is coloring using school supplies given to her by city rescue mission

Back to School with Scarlett

“What she needed, you provided.” At City Rescue Mission, our staff understands the importance of primary education for children. Kids experiencing homelessness are at an

Steven Gonzalez proudly stands outside of city rescue mission while wearing a black polo shirt

Steven’s Story

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” When Steven moved here with his wife a few years ago he was optimistic about the future.

Blanca’s Story

“We feel safe now” When Blanca found herself homeless her first thought was the same as always: protect her young children. Forced to the streets

A elderly man in a blue shirt holds his hands up in praise

Finding Help and Healing

A Life Transformed After 20 Yearson the Street After living on the street for over 20 years, Marcus* knows what it means to go without