Rebecca’s Story

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“I’ve built and strengthened myself”

As a teenager, Rebecca had a bright future — she was a world softball champion and national champion cheerleader. But without the support of her divorced parents, she floundered.

“My father was out of my life,” Rebecca says. “I love my mother and she did the best that she could, but my mom was just not there for me.”

Rebecca looked elsewhere for the support she didn’t receive at home, but she soon found herself homeless.

“I was hungry all the time,” she remembers. “It was frightening. I was afraid of what other people would do to me.”

Rebecca reached out to a coworker for help, who told her about City Rescue Mission. She was intimidated at first, but soon Rebecca felt right at home and began working hard in the Bridge to Life program.

“I’ve built and strengthened myself, so I am open, and I can have relationships with people,” she says. “I have a vision of what life I want to have and where I want to go.”

Rebecca is especially excited about Christmas at the Mission this year.

“It’s not about what you get, it’s about what you can give,” Rebecca says. “The smiles and the hearts you warm — that’s what Christmas is about here.”

With a full-time job lined up and feeling full of God’s love, Rebecca is excited for the rest of her life, and says she will never forget how much you’ve helped her.

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