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A Mother’s Journey Tish had to overcome the unimaginable to protect her children and ensure a better future for her family. Watch her journey from brokenness and

Rodney’s Story

““When I got here, I had such a sense of relief.” After nearly a decade of struggling to survive on the streets, Rodney was able

Rebecca’s Story

“My main goal is finding work and being the person I want to be.” When Rebecca got married, it felt like the start of a

Terri’s Story

“It’s time for me to have a life.” Terri’s mom was severely bipolar, and as an only child Terri knew that the burdens and blessings

Scott and Deanna

“We appreciate the blessings and opportunities you have given us.” Husband and wife Scott and Deanna know all too well the dangers of being homeless

Rebecca’s Story

“I’ve built and strengthened myself” As a teenager, Rebecca had a bright future — she was a world softball champion and national champion cheerleader. But

Tobyn’s Story

“I’m happy, my kids are happy.” “I don’t want my daughters to ever feel that pain,” Tish says, recalling when her daughter’s father attacked Tish

Thanksgiving at the Mission

“Thank you for giving me and others the opportunity to become who God intended us to be.” Raymond knows what it’s like to be homeless

Tish’s Story

“I’m happy, my kids are happy.” “I don’t want my daughters to ever feel that pain,” Tish says, recalling when her daughter’s father attacked Tish

Back to School with Scarlett

“What she needed, you provided.” At City Rescue Mission, our staff understands the importance of primary education for children. Kids experiencing homelessness are at an

Steven’s Story

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” When Steven moved here with his wife a few years ago he was optimistic about the future.

Blanca’s Story

“We feel safe now” When Blanca found herself homeless her first thought was the same as always: protect her young children. Forced to the streets

Finding Help and Healing

A Life Transformed After 20 Yearson the Street After living on the street for over 20 years, Marcus* knows what it means to go without

Shane’s Story

“The Mission was a godsend” Shane’s life changed in an instant. He was homeless, struggling with drug abuse. He’d spent a year living out of

Michelle’s Story

“You’ve helped me so much” No one knows the horrors of homelessness better than Michelle. For 10 years she struggled to survive on the streets.

James’s Journey

“I’m excited for the future” After graduating from college, James felt like the sky was the limit. He had a great job teaching, he was

James’s Story

“This program is working. Without it, we wouldn’t have any hope.” When James completed his service in the U.S. Army, he felt like the sky

Buddy’s Story

“ I knew things were finally going to be okay” Nine years ago, Buddy’s wife, Shannon, passed away in a tragic car accident. Buddy was devastated

Jasmine’s Story

“ I feel like this is the beginning of the rest of our lives” Escape was the only thing on Jasmine’s mind as she frantically packed

Yassine’s Story

“I feel like I’m human again” Yassine was ecstatic when he got the news — his green card was approved, and he could legally move

Sharon’s Story

“I felt a weight come off my shoulders” Sharon had always been a strong, independent person who could overcome any obstacle life threw at her.

Thomas’s Story

“Thank you for giving me a place to start my recovery”   Thomas knows firsthand how miserable it is to be homeless, struggling to stay

La Toyei’s Story

“I’m so glad to feel like myself again”   When La Toyei’s husband was unexpectedly and tragically killed, she didn’t know how to process  her

Charles’s Story

Charles talks about how he feels like a different person after completing the Recovery Program at City Rescue Mission. More client stories

Brenda’s Breakthrough

“You’ve given me a new beginning” When Brenda describes her life growing up as “a little crazy,” that is an understatement. As young children, she

Building a Better Future

She was addicted and suicidal with nowhere to go — and KK was only 9 years old.  KK learned early on that her pain could

Tiyonna’s Transformation

After six years of a toxic marriage – suffering physical and emotional abuse – as well as great hardship and loss – Tiyonna knew she had

From Drugs to Absolute Freedom

Jeff is a completely different person than he was when he arrived at City Rescue Mission about 10 months ago. He has given his life

Ryan’s Story

After a close encounter with death, Ryan said “Enough is enough.”