Debbie’s Story

An elderly woman smiles while wearing a green jacket after discussing her story with city rescue mission

“City Rescue Mission saved me. I’m so thankful!”

“God, what am I going to do?” Debbie asked aloud.

She had been struggling to survive on the streets of Oklahoma City all summer. The heat was unbearable. Finding water was a constant worry, and she was always concerned about her safety.

At 67 years old, Debbie had spent the last three months sleeping under trees and behind buildings; as long as she was hidden, she felt safe. But without proper shelter, she was still at the mercy of the storms and mosquitos.

Like most people, Debbie had never expected to become homeless. She had a career working in a hospital until she reached retirement age. Things went well at first, but tragedy soon struck and Debbie lost all of her savings. She was forced onto the streets.

Thankfully, some kind neighbors let Debbie know about City Rescue Mission and she came here straight away.

Finally, in a safe and loving environment again, Debbie was able to rebuild her life and strengthen her relationship with God. Day by day, she scrimped and saved and persevered. Today, Debbie is back on her feet. She has her own home, a car, and new hope for the future.

Debbie will always be grateful that supporters of City Rescue Mission like you are helping people like her.

“City Rescue Mission saved me,” Debbie says. “I’m so thankful!”

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