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Hearts of Hope 2020 Highlights

This years Hearts of Hope Tea was an inspiring time for all in attendance. We were blessed to hear a powerful testimony from former client

Welcome, Jake Lenhart!

We are thrilled to welcome Jake to our City Rescue Mission family as our new Director of Pastoral Care Services. Jake will help transform lives

Elevating Our Mission for the Future

In her nine years at City Rescue Mission, Erin has seen a lot of positive change – change in thousands of lives, building improvements, program

4 Ways to be Happier Today

Up until 2018, the most popular class in Yale’s 316-year history was “Psychology and the Law.” But which class recently eclipsed it? Happiness 101.  According

From Our Interim President

God’s grace is powerfully at work this time of year, when so many of us are reminded of the importance and strength of hope. Christ

From Drugs to Donor

Nearly three years ago, Carrie began giving to City Rescue Mission. After spending time volunteering for various organizations (some focused on helping homeless men and

3 Secrets for a Fulfilling Life

Humans were created with a deep need to experience identity, mission and belonging. At our best we desire fulfilling, rich lives that leave a positive impact on our world. So, how do we live truly alive?

Hitting the Road

To better serve the homeless beyond our doors, we have been hitting the road in our outreach truck! Winter is especially rough on people experiencing

New Education Center Now Open

With more than 300 courses to choose from, two computer labs, a lecture classroom and a library, residents can learn essential skills to assist them as they reenter the workforce.