From Our Interim President

God’s grace is powerfully at work this time of year, when so many of us are reminded of the importance and strength of hope. Christ makes all things new through hope – and we see so many examples of this at City Rescue Mission as Easter approaches.

We see hope help people like our featured client, Ryan, overcome hurdles. We see hope inspire donors like Carrie to help others create new lives, much like she did. We see hope bring a community of women together to help forge new futures for their sisters in Christ.

When I look around our mission and see the incredible transformation happening, I know that the message of Easter – of hope and new life – is continually empowering those who enter our doors.

People like you help us keep that momentum and the true message of Easter going all year round. May blessings come to you and your loved ones as we all celebrate the resurrection and rejoice in new beginnings.

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