Volunteering: Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about volunteering? Read this, or ask your own questions!

Are there additional weekend group opportunities?

We keep all of our opportunities posted on the website. As more opportunities for groups become available, we will add them to the calendar.

Are there additional opportunities not listed online?

We keep all of our opportunities posted on the calendar and update the calendar regularly to ensure that all opportunities are available for sign up.

I'd like more information about your volunteer program.

If you’re interested in learning more about the mission of City Rescue Mission and what it looks like to volunteer with us, you may schedule a tour of the facility by emailing volunteer@cityrescue.org.

Can I bring my children?

Yes! Please do bring your children as we love to see families serve together. We believe that when families serve together, it creates a sense of unity within the family unit and between the family unit and our clients. It also opens up great opportunity for conversation with your children to recognize and bring awareness to the fact that there isn’t an “us” and “them” and we’re all one major life event away from a similar situation.

What is the age requirement to serve at City Rescue Mission?

There is no age requirement. Minors must be accompanied by an adult in any service area, but are welcome to serve in all areas. If minors come to serve during meal times, the minor will be positioned to serve with an adult in the cafeteria as minors are not allowed inside the kitchen.

What time can I serve?

Once you complete your registration to become a volunteer, you will have full access to the volunteer schedule. We have opportunities available between 6:30am-6pm, 7 days a week.

Do you have special holiday volunteer opportunities?

On Thanksgiving & Christmas we do holiday breakfast & lunch. All opportunities will be posted online, so if you’re interested in serving at City Rescue Mission on Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll want to register as a volunteer to receive emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities. We send a couple emails out as reminders when it’s time to sign up for holiday events.

Do you host practicum students?

If you’re in need of practicum hours, please email us at volunteer@cityrescue.org to set up an appointment to discuss opportunities with our volunteer coordinator.

Do you offer internships?

If you’re interested in interning with City Rescue Mission, please email us at volunteer@cityrescue.org to set up an appointment to discuss opportunities with our volunteer coordinator.

Can I verify my volunteer hours served with CRM?

All hours served with City Rescue Mission can be verified by logging into your account, clicking on your name and selecting “View Hours.” You can then specify the date range of hours you’d like to review by clicking, “View Your History” and selecting the date range for hours you’d like verified. Click, “Update” and then you can print your hours by clicking, “Print.”

Where should I park?

Volunteers can park on the street in front of City Rescue Mission. If you are bringing a large group in a bus, you can park your bus along the west side of the median at the west end of our parking lot.

Can I complete my court-ordered community service at City Rescue Mission?

No, City Rescue Mission is not an official service site for court-ordered community service hours.

I will not be present the day of service, how will my group sign in?

You will need to designate a group leader who can register or sign in for the group to verify registration, day of.

Can I sign up for an opportunity same day?

Our event registrations close one to two days before the event takes place so that our staff has time to plan tasks for volunteers. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for you, but it ensures the best volunteer experience for all.

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Volunteer Questions