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If you need shelter, we're here to help. For people 18 or older, emergency help in the form of food and shelter are available 24/7.

Call Us 24/7

(405) 232-2709

Women's & Children's Entrance

800 W. California Ave Oklahoma City

Men's Entrance

914 W. California Ave Oklahoma City

Programs & Services

City Rescue Mission’s trained Case Management staff works with over 70 local agencies to provide access to coordinated services. If you’re unsure how City Rescue Mission can best help you, please get in touch. We’re happy to help.

Medical Care
Dental Care
Veteran's Benefits
On-site GED Courses
Job Placement Services

Have questions?

If you’re curious about how City Rescue Mission can help you or your loves one, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. There you can read questions that others have submitted, as well as ask your own.