Find Fulfillment, Even in Retirement

God wants you to rediscover passion and purpose. What’s the next step?

Ever feel like fulfillment ended with your career? While retirement does present a monumental shift, it’s also a time to experience significance. God wants you to rediscover passion and purpose. What’s the next step? Start by being willing to see your resources with fresh eyes.

  • Time: How can you make each day count? Join a Bible study, take a mission trip, volunteer or begin a new hobby.
  • Financial Flexibility: Fixed income or not, you can still live generously. Blessing a charity like City Rescue Mission as a beneficiary on your IRA or through a giving account can help lessen your family’s tax burden and bless eternal work.
  • Wisdom: You have knowledge, skills, abilities and leadership that are worth more than any other gift you could pass along.

Just because your “workplace” address has changed doesn’t mean the work you’re called to is over. God promises to be with you throughout your entire life. Isaiah 46:4 says “Even until your old age, I am the one, and I’ll carry you even until your gray hairs come.”

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