Bridge to Life

Our proven, solutions-based programs empower people to overcome the issues that keep them from living their best life.

Working Toward a Better Future

Bridge to Life is a program serving men and women age 18 and up with addiction and other lifestyle hurdles. By offering comprehensive holistic services, Bridge to Life provides participants an alternative to mainstream drug and alcohol treatment centers, helping them move beyond their circumstances toward a better future.

Bridge to Life

A Journey to End Homelessness

Short Term

Safe Temporary Emergency Shelter

Service Coordination

Increased Access to Support Services

Client Driven

Housing Focused

Specialized Services

Intensive Case Management

Access to Support Services

Increased Independence

Increased Community Access

Client Driven

Housing Focused



Work Readiness & Vocational Training

Client Driven

Goal Oriented

Individualized Services

Person Centered

Situational Work Experience

Housing Focused


Holistic Faith-based

Goal Oriented Person Centered

Individualized Services

Client Driven

Service Coordination

Housing Focused

A Positive, Spiritual Environment

We work side-by-side with men and women in their recovery process, creating a positive and spiritual environment that allows for true change. Through our focused programs, we offer tools to help clients transition to stable and safe housing, employment and healthy lifestyles.    

Education and Training
Work Program

True Stories of Hope

Proven Impact

We understand that change is difficult – but worth the effort. We’re proud to say that the overwhelming majority of Bridge to Life participants graduate the program and go on to lead happy, productive, full lives, free of the issues that held them back.

of clients end their homelessness when they exit the Mission
God has a plan for you. He has a hope and a future. If you want either one of those things and are looking for a place to be to find them, this is exactly where you need to be.
Bridge to Life Graduate

Need help?

Do you or someone you know need help? No matter your circumstance, we're here to help you create the future you want, starting with a hot meal and a safe place to stay.

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