Tara’s Story

Tara was caught up in a lifestyle that brought her to her lowest point. Then, she made a change.

Before she came to City Rescue Mission, Tara was struggling with addiction, in a bad relationship and searching for a true sense of self. With three children, and one on the way, she was caught up in a lifestyle that ended up bringing her to her lowest point. After an arrest, it was time for change.

When she completed a seven-month rehabilitation program, she knew her work was not done. She chose to continue her healing and strengthen her relationship with God at City Rescue Mission.

“I wanted to come to a safe place – and maybe I could get that relationship with God I had been looking for.”

Once she arrived, she knew she was where she needed to be for her recovery.

“I feel myself becoming more obedient to God’s word.”

Working both entry desks, volunteering and attending chapel, as well as service outside the Mission, brings her joy, stability and structure that she has never known. Ultimately, she knows this will help her achieve her goal of creating a new life and reuniting fully with her children.

“I deserved to have my children taken from me. I was doing wrong, and I know that. It was a hard hit in the face at first. Because no one wants their kids taken. It’s not fighting to get your kids back – it’s working to get your kids back. And it’s not hard work. The hard part is coming to terms with the fact that you have a problem. Admitting that you have a problem. That’s the hard part. Then you put in the work.”

Now, she is 365 days sober, is reconnecting with her children and graduating our Bridge to Life recovery program.

“I have value within myself that I didn’t see before. I’m very thankful for what this place has offered me.”


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