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Meet Donna. Her story of transformation was featured at the Mission of Hope banquet. She is a touching example of the hope City Rescue Mission offers so many.
Meet Donna. Her story of transformation was featured at Mission of Hope, and she is a touching example of the path back to hope that City Rescue Mission offers so many. Donna is a Bridge to Life graduate and currently serving as a client intern; recently seeing great success as she reunited with and regained custody of her two children after a battle with alcohol addiction. Originally from England, Donna moved to the U.S. and quickly had everything going for her. She had a home, family, military career, car and an unstoppable personality. But that all changed when her son got sick. Donna’s family suffered greatly as they faced great challenges with her son’s health. She began drinking to numb the pain, and eventually, both she and her husband went to jail for child neglect. Donna lost her kids; she lost everything. But then, Donna found something–she found hope at City Rescue Mission. She entered the Bridge to Life program and tackled her sobriety. Then she regained faith and confidence. And finally, she got her children back. Donna is the picture of what we try to accomplish here. It’s a path back to hope, guided by individuals who care, and led by a God who loves unconditionally.
When you get here, you’re given a second chance. All is not lost. We just sometimes need a place where we’re safe… where we’re loved, and where we can sit still and wait on God. – Donna Marie
And she did that… and more. When Donna agreed to share her story for our Mission of Hope video, she was very nervous about ‘looking homeless.” But we never saw Donna that way. We saw–and see–so many other things… mom, wife, veteran, friend. That’s what is so special about our Bridge to Life Program. Our clients learn to see themselves as who they REALLY are, and that they can be whole and complete. Because, after all, in the eyes of God they already are. “What happened to me can happen to anybody,” said Donna. “One day things are going right, and the next–you can lose it all. So we need to be there for each other, and I think the Mission is a great place to start. I know that I’m not alone.”

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