"As Fall arrives and the season changes, an exciting season of change in my own life is happening. I have decided to enter into retirement..."

As Fall arrives and the season changes, an exciting season of change in my own life is happening. I have decided to enter into retirement. September 30, 2018 was my last day leading City Rescue Mission. I have served as the President /CEO at City Rescue Mission for 11 years.

Together you and I have seen tremendous growth in all areas of the organization. With the implementation of the Bridge to Life Programs, we were able to focus on helping individuals and families not only end their homelessness but help decrease their homeless recidivism. Together, we also accomplished several, wonderful things, such as:

  • A complete remodel of the Women’s Center. This included a new roof, all new heating and air conditioning systems, new staff parking lot and redesigned front entrance.
  • City Rescue Mission was the designated recipient of the Thunder Cares Program. With this award, we were able to redesign our gymnasium and the development of Thunder Alley; which houses our Thunder Lab and space for reading and crafting for our women with children.
  • The purchase and development of the Job Training Center.
  • The purchase and development of a Client-Choice Food Resource Center that served over 30,000 households the first year alone.
  • Opened an Oklahoma State Licensed Child Care Center on property for the children living at the Mission.
  • Built a new Men’s Center to better serve them.
  • Most recently developed a new Education Center complete with a new deck area for the clients to socialize between classes. This includes two computer labs, one lecture class and a state of the art Library for the clients’ use.
  • Transitioning of the Bridge to Life courses online along with over 350 online courses for job readiness and certifications.

It has been my pleasure to serve this wonderful organization. As I enter retirement, I will continue to be an advocate for those we serve at City Rescue as well as helping my family’s Foundation in creating deeply affordable housing for the graduates of the Bridge to Life Programs. I’m confident that the amazing leadership team at City Rescue will continue to carry on the life transforming programs that CRM has seen for the past 11 years.

God Bless,
Tom Jones

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