The Kitchen of Hope: A World of Possibilities

City Rescue Mission’s new kitchen is opening at the end of May, and we’re so grateful to you and our community partners for making it happen. We are excited about the new kitchen and its numerous benefits for our clients.

First, the new open-concept design will feature three different lines, allowing us to serve food faster and more efficiently. We will also be able to give three options for meals at the Mission, providing a small luxury of choice that our clients didn’t have while they were homeless.

“Allowing them to have their choice of meals restores so much dignity, respect and hope in their lives,” Mission President Erin Goodin says.

The renovated space will also provide a better area for clients doing work-therapy in the kitchen to receive culinary skills training from community partners. When they graduate, our clients can then find gainful employment in restaurants.

“I’m so proud of our kitchen workers for all the amazing things they’ve done so far,” Erin says. “The new kitchen area will open up a world of possibilities for the people we serve. We send a big thank you to all the donors who made it happen!”

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