What We Do

City Rescue Mission offers homeless individuals shelter, food and clothing along with the opportunity to end their homelessness through programs like our Bridge to Life recovery program.

Bridge to Life

As an entry point into homeless services, the Bridge To Life program provides coordinated assessment to identify specific service needs and barriers to stabilized housing. Each client receives their services based on the results of the assessment and they are then served through an Individual Service Plan, tailored to meet their needs and lead to safe and affordable housing.


 Bridge to Life graduate with Tom Jones

Short-Term Services

Clients are offered the opportunity to stay in the emergency shelter and have the ability to obtain help finding employment and other social services.

Specialized Services

Seniors and those with special physical and mental needs will be directed to the Social Services Department, where they meet with a Case Manager who learns how best to move forward and enable them to move out of homelessness.

School Program

We offer those we help the chance to further their education and guide them through the process of selecting the best school suited for their needs. Once schooling is complete, we guide them to employment opportunities.

Work Program

Clients are offered the opportunity to gain employment and are guided to finding employment opportunities that best suit their background. Once employed, we help each individual pay off debts and budget for the future.

Recovery Program

The Holistic Recovery Program is the focal point of everything we do at the Mission. It is especially designed to help clients become spiritually alive, emotionally stable, physically healthy and socially active in all aspects of society.

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