How It Works

City Rescue is an oasis in a barren desert for many of Oklahoma City’s most vulnerable people. We provide 640 beds, serving single men, single women and women with children. We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The purpose of our existence is to help people in need, and not only end their homelessness but help them identify and correct the issues that got them here in the first place.

For every person of the nearly 5000 per year that enter our doors the reason they found themselves here is as varied as the number of people coming. There is no one-stop fix to end people’s homelessness. Therefore we must take an individual approach with every client in guiding them to end the chaos in their lives. Each client is connected with a Case Manager upon entry to City Rescue. This Case Manager walks with them the entire journey while they are here.

We have a variety of Programs (see What We Do) that the individual can choose to enter that will help them find their way to success. Once the initial Intake Process is completed and we find out “why” the client had only City Rescue as their option, we help them understand what we are able to offer them to begin to end their homelessness.

Many clients only need to stay a short time because they have already made other arrangements for some place to go. For others there are debilitating circumstances of physical, mental or age disabilities keeping them from simply getting a job and moving on from the Mission. These individuals will work directly with their Case Manager in finding alternative housing and accommodations like a Nursing Home, Group Home or family member to live with.

One of the predominate reasons able bodied men find themselves homeless is because they have large amounts of debt such as child support that is garnisheed from their checks whenever they are working. This, in many cases, doesn’t leave them with enough to live. These men usually just quit and give up. We offer them a place to live and eat, but they must obtain a job and work every day. They are required to pay 90% of their income toward their debt so they can conquer this obstacle that holds them in a state of hopelessness. Once their debt is paid, they can continue to work, save some money and move on with their life with Hope and Purpose.

For many of the young women that enter the Mission, the lack of education is what holds them back. We case manage them as they acquire their GED, then on to Nursing School, Business School or any other training they desire in order for them to be able to get a job that pays a ‘living wage’. These women leave the mission filled with Hope and Passion for their future.

One of the reasons why so many clients have no other option but the Mission as they enter is because they have had difficulties with Addictions that have caused them to lose relationships with family and friends. We believe that addictions can be conquered and they can learn new and productive ways to deal with the stressors in their lives that have pushed them into darkness. The Holistic Approach of the Bridge To Life Recovery Program equips them to leave the Mission stable and confident to lead a healthy and productive life.

Life’s Transformation is not easy, but very attainable when God is allowed to be at the center of all that we do and think.

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. –Jeremiah 29:11

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