Homelessness In Oklahoma City

The Face of Homelessness Here

The face of homelessness in Oklahoma City is varied and includes men, women, children and families. Young. Old. Disabled. Disenfranchised. Forgotten. Thanks to the support of caring people like you, last year we provided services to an average of 410 people per day—offering holistic solutions to help break the cycles of poverty and addiction that cause homelessness.

Our Holistic Solution

City Rescue Mission is a faith-based, private, nonprofit organization providing solution-based ministry to homeless men, women and children in the Oklahoma City metro. Last year the Mission provided services to an average of 410 people a day. Not only does the Mission provide safe shelter and warm meals, but also a holistic approach to recovery and a variety of social services for the homeless and near-homeless including medical, dental, vision care and much more.

It is the goal of the Mission to reach out to the homeless with love, compassion and the resources needed to make a positive change in their lives and ultimately become productive members of society.

This change begins with basic necessities like a meal and a warm bed. However, that simple meal can alter a client’s perception and give them a glimmer of hope. That glimmer grows and blossoms into life changes. This year City Rescue Mission is “celebrating 52 years” of compassionate care to the homeless. Since 1960, the Mission has been reaching out to those in need and serves the largest portion of the homeless in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Not only does the Mission provide safe shelter, but also a variety of social services for the homeless and near-homeless including medical, dental, vision care and much more. These services are available in collaboration with approximately 77 outside agencies. The state-of-the-art resources available at the Mission provide clients with the best services available. This holistic approach to recovery ensures life-long success for clients transitioning back into the community.

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