Impact Hunger Food Resource Center

IHFRCOpening in September of 2012, the new Impact Hunger Food Resource Center will provide more than 1.2 million meals through 2013. In partnership with over 30 local social service agencies, City Rescue Mission plans to serve an average of 450 men, women and children each day. This new state-of-the art grocery store-style food distribution center is the first of its kind in the Oklahoma City area. With a goal to improve service to the most impoverished in our community, we will offer referred shoppers the opportunity to self-select items based on their own family nutritional needs.

Good nutrition is a building block for success in all other areas, so this project will not only feed thousands of hungry men, women, and children, but will have an exponential impact on their success in other areas of life.

Goals & Objectives

  • To not only feed the hungry, but nourish them for success*
  • To serve over 1,000 hungry men, women and children each month
  • To prevent the near-homeless from becoming homeless
  • To assist the formerly homeless as they transition back to independence
  • To streamline food pantry operations, reduce costs, reduce waste, and increase accessibility to those in need

*A young child who has had a healthy breakfast can concentrate on school, get better grades, attend college and get a job. A mom who isn’t investing all her energy in worrying about how she will feed her children is freed up to invest in helping her kids with their homework, or excelling in her own workplace. A man who doesn’t have to steal food to meet his family’s basic needs is allowed to have a clear conscience, and a clean record.

With so many going hungry, the possibilities are limitless, and the affect the Impact Hunger Food Resource Center could have on our community knows no bounds!

The Impact Hunger Food Resource Center is open Monday-Friday 1pm – 7pm