Bridge to Life Recovery Program

TerrieBridge to Life Program 

City Rescue Mission houses the largest, free drug and alcohol recovery program in the state of Oklahoma called the Bridge to Life Program.

What is the CRM Bridge to Life Program?

City Rescue’s Mission’s Bridge to Life Program is an intense ten month program designed to help individuals that are struggling with alcohol, drug abuse or any other life-controlling problems. We are a faith-based holistic recovery program designed to help our Clients realize that we can achieve spiritual success if we are properly disciplined.

Mission Statement


The vision of the Bridge to Life Program is to produce graduates who are self-sufficient, successful, productive, and a functional part of society.


The Bridge to Life Program exists for the purpose of helping adult men, women and families between the ages of eighteen and ninety-nine become free from addictions and other life-controlling problems by offering an effective and comprehensive holistic based recovery program as an alternative to mainstream drug and alcohol treatment centers.


-       To create a positive, spiritual environment where the clients feel safe, secure and have all their basic needs met.

-       To have a staff that is committed to going the extra mile in order to help Clients bring about a lifestyle change in their recovery process.

-       To enable Clients to become spiritually alive, emotionally stable, physically healthy and socially active in all aspects of society.

The program is designed to work with each individual client:

(1) To help them identify the obstacles in their lives that have prevented them from overcoming the self-perpetuating cycle of dysfunction; and

(2) Equip them to overcome these obstacles both now and in the future.

The program accomplishes this task through a 4 “bridge” method. The bridges address issues relating to anger management, spiritual development, dealing with addiction, life and work skills, chronic homelessness, and transition from homelessness to community life.


-       Is there a waiting list?

For single women and single men there is not a waiting list. Come with your belongings to City Rescue Mission 800 West California Avenue OKC, OK 73106.

For families there can be a waiting list at times. Please contact Kori Hall, (405) 232-2709 ext. 117.


-       Does this program cost?

No, this is a free program. Bridge to Life Clients are supplied with meals, shelter, clothing, and basic necessities during the ten month program.


-       Who can I contact to ask other questions about the program?

Men can contact Johnny Walker, (405) 232-2709 ext. 108 and women can contact Danielle Furstenburg, (405) 232-2709 ext. 158.


-       Are you willing to commit up to ten months of your life to an intense recovery program?

This is not a decision to be entered into lightly as it will require much diligence and long hours of study to complete the required components for graduation.


-       Are you willing to spend the first thirty days with no distractions to help you learn Godly habits?

You will NOT be allowed to leave property for the first thirty days without written permission by your Accountability Manager.