La Toyei’s Story

“I’m so glad to feel like myself again”


When La Toyei’s husband was unexpectedly and tragically killed, she didn’t know how to process  her grief. She directed her energy toward her work and taking care of her children.

“I was blocking my thoughts of him being gone,” La Toyei says. “I wanted to be strong for my kids.”

She put off feeling her emotions as long as she could by overworking herself, but eventually they caught up with her, and La Toyei had a mental breakdown.

La Toyei and her children needed a safe place to heal. A place with the support and resources they needed. A place like City Rescue Mission.

And thanks to the recommendation from her doctor, La Toyei found us. Finally in a physical and emotional place where she could process her grief, La Toyei worked through the Bridge to Life program. There, she learned it was okay to feel angry about her loss, that she could let other people help her, and how to turn to God and the Bible for healing.

Thanks to you, La Toyei is whole again. She is looking forward to going back to school to enter the medical field, so she can help others as you have helped her. “I’m so glad to feel like myself again,” La Toyei says. “I really appreciate the help, time and effort you and the staff of City Rescue Mission put into me. I truly am thankful and grateful.”

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