From the President: April 2021

When you’re living on the streets, it’s not a good idea to stand out or attract attention. I think that’s why most of the new clients are surprised when they first walk into City Rescue Mission. They don’t expect the friendliness and warmth they receive from staff members as soon as they arrive. Many have forgotten what it was like to feel safe, to know that someone else is looking out for you.

But as you’ll read in this issue of The Mission, all it takes is one caring person at the right place and the right time to change a life forever. One meal served to a neighbor in need can lead to a decision to begin a new journey. And after that person experiences the life-changing opportunities offered at City Rescue Mission, they tell someone else who also comes to our door, saying, “I’m ready, too!”

And when a graduate of one of our empowering programs reunites with their family — parents, children and grandchildren — the impact you are making is generational.

Your commitment to improving lives is so important, not just to our clients, but to their friends and family as well.

Thank you, and may God bless you,

Erin Goodin,
President & CEO

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