Transformed Lives

From a very young age, Megan was forced to take control of her own future.

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“I had spiraled into a place so dark my friends and family were grasping for signs that the Katie they once knew and adored even existed anymore”

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Sharita remembers the exact day she came to City Rescue Mission with her son Alonzo and it was one of the hardest days of her life.

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“ I will be forever grateful for the City Rescue Mission and all it has done for me.”

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“I always thought, if I could just figure out a way to stop drinking my life would get much better…and I could live a “normal” life…”

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“I was the golden child. Always on the honor roll, never getting into trouble, I could do no wrong…”

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During his time as Veteran Case Manager at City Rescue Mission, Jeremy Torres gained many insights into how veterans experience homelessness. By devoting himself to the mission of assisting veterans in need, he has helped many gain access to valuable resources that they did not even know existed.

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Cassandra’s story is the stuff of bad Hollywood movies. Her story starts with abuse at a young age. These degrading, unloving messages begin to lay a foundation that will send Cassandra on a path of destruction.

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Sheri had no way of imagining a life without drugs. As a third-generation drug user, she grew up with parents and grandparents whose lives were defined by addiction. It wasn’t long before Sheri was walking down the same path with her husband and children. But on July 30 of last year, she got a wake-up call.

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Charlie fell into a bad cycle after his first wife left him. His life slowly began to unravel, leaving him with a criminal record and without family support. How did Charlie start volunteering at City Rescue Mission?

Becoming a volunteer

Sometimes, life’s challenges can feel like too much to bear. In those moments, we are faced with the choice between apathy and transformation. Steve chose transformation.

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Many of the people who knock on our doors are just looking for their next meal. They might not even be thinking about ending their homelessness. So how does a person take that leap from their first meal to pursuing a life off the streets?

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Dan spent most of his childhood living with his father after his parents’ divorce. As a teenager, he and his dad clashed and a defiant Dan made some poor choices, including the decision to drop out of school.

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Monica is a first generation American. Growing up in the Heartland was anything but a wholesome experience.

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